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"It's the difference between seeing and not seeing. It's that dramatic for me!"
...Lois, corneal transplant recipient

"I was blind for 31 years, my corneal transplant let me see my daughters for the first time ever"
...John, corneal transplant recipient

"Oh yes, I will be a donor. My transplant changed my life"
...Jill, tissue recipient   

" It was at this time that I told my husband to make the necessary arrangements. My daughter's death would not be in vain. As I walked into the funeral home the next day, I saw a very beautiful little girl with no evidence of her eyes being recovered. I felt relief and satisfaction at our decision. No, it was not an easy decision, but I thank God now for my husband who saw beyond his hurt grief and made me realize what the gift of sight means to those who do not have it. A part of my daughter lives on and this helps take away some of the hurt." 
...Pat, donor mother

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